One word.

If you had to choose just one word to epitomize all that you are and all that you stand for, what would it be?

If you were at BlissDom Canada this year, you know where I’m going with this. If you’ve been reading any of the many posts out there that have been inspired BlissDom Canada, then there’s a good chance that you’re on to me too (Let’s be real – I’m probably the last person to jump on this so just humour me here as I act as if have something wholly original to say. I almost do).

The last session of the conference was a chill and intimate wrap-up chat about branding. Personal branding, blog branding, an so on. Up on stage, Catherine Connors, Erica Ehm, Julie Cole and Janice Croze told the stories of their own unique brands and chatted about the how’s and why’s of ours.

How do we construct them? Why is it essential that we do? These how’s and why’s are important things to consider in order to be clear and confident and authentic. It was all very thought-provoking.

And then, in the midst of some discussion about how we might go about describing that brand, a challenge was raised – a challenge to boil everything about all that we use to define that brand, that identity, down to, you guessed it, one word.

Does that seem somewhat daunting to you? I mean, that’s an awful lot of responsibility to put on one little (or maybe one big) word – your whole brand and your whole identity. But it was a challenge, and a good one at that. Being able to have one word that represents you is like having your very own identity compass; the word, when perfectly suited, will help keep you on a clear path.

For some people in the room, it was easy. The #blissdomcanada back-channel on Twitter was instantly flooded with tweets from participants who knew right away what #oneword represented their brand. For others, like myself, it became something of a homework assignment – a task to be taken home and mulled over as you tapped your pen against the desk and stared out the window or whilst you gazed up at the ceiling on a particularly sleepless night.



So, mull it over I did. And yet, still, there was nothing.

This was hard, you guys.

In fact, it wasn’t until I read Catherine’s post in which she herself mulled over her own #oneword that I was able to reach a place of any real clarity. It happened when I stopped looking for a word to describe and started looking for one to embody. And then?

Then it was so clear that I actually felt pretty foolish for even having to think about it.

My word:

Gumption, obviously

Pfft, and no one is surprised.

Now, to ask the obvious: What is your one word?