Yes, my friends, the zombie apocalypse is apparently on its way and if you want to escape a doomed existence as zombie fodder or a card-carrying member of the shambling masses, you’d better work on your cardio. Or at least that’s the conclusion my friends and I came to yesterday on Twitter after reading this article from the good people at Gawker, linking a series of mysterious events that have taken place over the past few weeks that bear an uncanny resemblance to everything Hollywood has taught us to anticipate leading up to a zombie outbreak.

Somewhere, Max Brooks is throwing his hands up and crying, “I told you so!”

It was Llisa that brought Zombies, Run! to my attention. A creative running game that plays off of the idea of life in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested future, the app is pretty much amazing. If you know me then you probably know that I have a love/hate relationship with zombie culture and anything that successfully marries that with my less tumultuous passion for running is a-okay in my books.

Abel Township

The game is played simply by running. A progressive audio story (that changes with each mission you run) plays through your headphones, in between the songs in your favourite playlist (if you choose to listen to music at all).

You are Runner 5 and you are responsible for collecting supplies for ‘Abel Township’, a base and safe-haven for survivors. You are coached by Sam, a radio tech, and the story plays out via radio link with the base.

Supplies are collected automatically the longer you run (you don’t have to do anything, just keep moving!) If you encounter zombies along the way, speed up to escape (you can turn off the option to encounter zombie mobs but I don’t know why you would – it’s kind of the point in my opinion and the terror is a GREAT motivator to pick up the pace!) When you finish your run/mission (you can choose whether you want missions to be half an hour or a full hour, once it’s over you just listen to music while continuing to pick up supplies) check into the app to hand out supplies around Abel Township and help grow your home base.

The app tracks time, distance and pace so you can still track your progress like with RunKeeper and Nike+, making it as practical as it is fun/terrifying.

Mission Complete!

Zombies, Run! is available for the iPhone, newer versions of the iPod Touch and will be ready for Android on June 14th. It does cost money (less than $10) but it’s worth it in my opinion (fun fact – the app was created thanks to a very successful KickStarter campaign, which just makes it even cooler in my opinion).

If you’re into zombies or you’re just looking for a way to shake up your regular running routine, I really recommend this app. Nothing like a healthy dose of fear to help get you off the couch, am I right?

If you’ve used the Zombies. Run! before, leave a comment and let me know what you think! Also, if you’re heading to either the Midsummer’s Night Run in Toronto this August or the Disneyland Tinker Bell Half Marathon in January, say hi! It would be cool to get to know other runners before the big days!

And just in case you were wondering, no, this post was NOT sponsored. I just really think the app is awesome!