There’s something about stepping over that point-of-no-return that makes working toward a goal so much more real.

Actually, that whole point-of-no-return thing is probably exactly that “something” I’m referring to but, whatever.

When we set a goal for ourselves, I think we all have that point when it shifts from a fanciful “wouldn’t it be cool if…” daydream to full-on commitment. We spend a bit of time toying around with the idea in the beginning, maybe tossing it around with our friends and seeing what they think. Then we begin preparations – be it research, saving money, etc – putting in just enough effort to move things forward while still giving ourselves enough wiggle-room to back out.

But then, sooner or later, comes the lock-down point and suddenly it’s all or nothing.

My lock-down moment came around noon on June 12th, a week ago today, when I officially registered for the Disneyland 2013 Tinkerbell Half Marathon. With the nerves and excitement I was feeling that day, you’d think I was about to actually run the thing, not just signing up and making it official (but I suppose forking over non-refundable reg fees would make most peoples’ heart rates rise so who can blame me, right?)

Apparently all the training in the world can’t make a race feel real until a credit card gets involved.

But it’s really real, dear readers:

This girl is California bound.

Above all else, I am insanely excited. As mentioned many times already, the idea of running my very first half marathon in Disneyland, of all places (and even just having the opportunity to go to Disneyland in the first place!) is enough to make a full-grown Mouseketeer runner like me feel like a kid all over again.

I’ve launched myself into full training mode, taking my running schedule seriously (but not so much so that I forget to have fun), researching and trip planning (seven months is gonna FLY by), squirreling away money and taking extra special care of my body (it’s amazing how a goal like this can positively impact different aspects of your life).

I feel especially lucky because my friend and race-buddy Llisa and I are getting to do this together (not to mention that her mother is letting my stay with them, which has taken a SIGNIFICANT amount of pressure off of this whole experience. How awesome is she??) I consider this to be a big deal and I’m glad that I won’t be doing it alone. My only wish is that even more of my friends and family could be there! It would mean so much to have them there for the experience and to cheer us on but, let’s be real, this trip is a tall enough order for me. I’ll just have to carry their good mojo with me over the finish line from afar!

If there are any other runDisney participants reading this (it doesn’t have to be Tinkerbell) please leave a comment and say hi! I’d love to connect with others and share stories, tips, etc. (Although if you ARE going to Tinkerbell then definitely leave a comment! Let’s connect now!) Any other half marathoners out there? I’d love your advice too! (Y’all can also tweet me here too – let’s chat!)

What goals have you set for yourself lately? What would you say was (or will be) the point-of-no-return/moment of commitment/lock-down point for you?