Thanks for the good times, 2013

Well, friends – we made it. We’ve finally made it to end of 2013. To be perfectly and completely honest this is going to be one year that I won’t be sad to say goodbye to. In fact, based on a lot of the conversations I’ve had with people I’m certainly not the only one who feels that way. It seems like this year was a bit of a jerk to a good number of us.

For a while now I’ve had my sights set steadfastly on 2014. I was so ready to kick 2013 to the curb. When I compared it to my last few years this one definitely felt like the worst in a while and, I won’t lie, I was a little bitter about it.

A few days ago though I was talking with a friend about it I started to feel like I wasn’t giving the past year enough credit. I mean, it wasn’t all bad. In fact, once I started thinking about it the year wasn’t all that bad at all.

So, to send off 2013, here are 13 things that made this year cool:

  1. Ran my first half marathon
  2. When to Disneyland
  3. Paid off my car 2 years early (I didn’t write about this but, man, what a proud moment)
  4. Drove to Winnipeg
  5. Started The Let’s Go Ladies
  6. When to Jasper Dark Sky
  7. Met Chris Hadfield
  8. Spent more time with my family
  9. Played on an unedeated championship team
  10. Started kick boxing
  11. Got braces
  12. Adopted Hastings the cat

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