One year ago I made a decision: I was going to get serious about tackling my student debt. This isn’t to say that I hadn’t been taking it seriously up until that point – since I started my loan repayment I’ve almost always put more toward it than my repayment plan required. But a year ago I decided that I wasn’t satisfied with having to drag this burden half-way into my 30s (seriously!)

Something was going to have to give.

One year ago I set a goal: I would have my student loan paid off before I turned 30.

It would be like a 30th birthday present to myself! I would get to start a new decade of my life debt free and the idea alone was tantalizing enough for me to start making some significant budget adjustments in order to make the goal – the dream, really – a reality.

One year ago this week I owed $19, 294.24 (my starting debt was just over $35,000). I’ve been keeping a note on my phone updated with the newest balance every couple of weeks or so and I’ve drawn a lot of motivation from watching that number drop steadily.

This month I’ll turn 29: one year left to go.

So, where am I at with that goal so far?

I just checked and the current amount owing is $9,269.29.

That’s over $10,000 in one year toward my student debt, all while still managing to put a bit of money aside for savings and into my RRSP. At the rate I’m going I should have my student loan paid off by February or March of next year!

Personal finances have always been a delicate balance for me. There are some habits I find hard to break and new habits that I sometimes struggle to maintain but if there’s been one thing I’ve been able to stick to, it’s this. I’m 100% dedicated to achieving this goal and am beyond happy and proud of my progress so far.

I’d be lying if I said that it’s been easy. Of course I’d rather be funneling that money into my savings and giving myself a little more wiggle room with my spending. But will it be worth it in the long run?


What about you? What’s been your proudest financial accomplishment? Have you set yourself any money-related goals? How are you sticking to them? Tell me about it in the comments!