I’ve been busy lately and thus I’ve fallen behind on my writing.

And yet, despite being so busy I can’t really think of anything to write about.

Don’t you just hate when that happens?

And so, without any further inspiration, here are some of the things occupying my brain space right now:

#1: My cousin’s wedding

Yep. Another cousin got hitched, this time on my mom’s side of the family. I like thanking him jokingly for taking one for the team – now that he’s had the big ceremony, the pressure is off the rest of us!


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Wedding photo booth shenanigans.

Seriously though – it was a beautiful day. His new wife is so much fun and I’m happy to have her as part of the family. Speaking of family, so many people were able to come out that it was like a week of family reunions. Which is awesome because my family is a riot. The ceremony was short and sweet (not to mention outside on a gorgeous day) and the reception was too much fun (I was reunited with my brother/wedding-partner-in-crime, Tyler and shenanigans ensued).

Way to get married, Taylor! <3

#2: Everything hurts

Last night I was standing there, talking and laughing with my friends. That’s it, nothing fancy. All of us sudden I felt this pinch in my lower neck. Within the hour it had spread up my neck and across my left shoulder; the muscles seized up and it felt like I had someone sitting on my back. It hurt so badly and I spent the rest of the night cuddling with a heating compress and fighting my way through a haze of shooting pain and ibuprofen.

Thankfully today much of the pain has subsided although I’m still pretty stiff. My guess is that I must have tweaked something at kick boxing, which is disappointing considering how fanatical I am about form and technique. My fingers are crossed that this subsides on its own and isn’t an indicator of a bigger problem…

#3: Kyle’s leaving…

… For ten days. He’s headed back to Jasper tomorrow and I’m super jealous (even if he is just going for work). At least the next time he goes somewhere we’ll be going together. B.C. in August anyone? It’s happening!

#4 The Fault in Our Stars comes out on Friday


(Related: Someone I know compared TFiOS to a Nicholas Sparks novel, which… No. Just, no.)

A question:

What do you, dear reader, think about the value of being open in blogging? Not as in the opposite of honesty but in being more open to sharing authentic personal experiences?

It’s been the age-old struggle of this blog, trying to balance my professional voice while still telling my personal story with integrity. Do I have a good thing going on right now; focusing on telling stories instead of just saying whatever happens to be on my mind? Or should I try being a bit more authentic when it comes to sharing thoughts and details?

For fellow bloggers: Where do you fall on the spectrum and how do you decide?

For my readers: What would you like to see more of from me?