I’m having an exceptionally difficult time coming to grips with the fact that today is the last day of July.

Like, I know that I always complain about time moving too fast but it honestly feels like summer just started. Or, based on the temperatures we’ve had this week, like it hasn’t even started yet (it’s been WAY to cool for July!)

As we launch into August, I feel the same sense of unease and grumbliness that I usually associate with a Sunday. Just like Sundays are the last day of the weekend and bring with them the foreboding of another Monday (not that I dislike the work week but who doesn’t lament the end of time off, amirite?) August marks the end of summer and the end of my downtime. Autumn and all its busyness looms and a part of me will always want to fight it off.

They Call it Gumption, Sara Hamil, August, summer

It’s been years since I’ve gone back to school as a student but the season still brings waves of change to my life and routine. September is like our “New Years” at work and for me personally it also means that it’s time to get back in the classroom and start teaching my Social Media and Emerging Technologies course at Loyalist College.

Again: It’s not like I dread either of these things. When it’s busy at work it means that things are happening and being created and it’s invigorating! And goodness knows how lucky I am to have the opportunity to teach. It’s just so hard to bid adieu to a summer that flew by too fast, y’know?

The good news is that August is going to be a powerhouse of a month. I’ve been proactively preparing for the fall (which is a great accomplishment for a serial procrastinator like me) which has helped in alleviating some of the end-of-summer anxiety. Plus, in exactly two weeks from today I’ll be heading off to B.C. and I’m so crazy excited about it!

There will probably be some more camping in the mix and definitely more time spent with friends and family. Summer may be in a hurry to get out of here but I’m going to fight to make the most of it while it’s still here, dammit.

How will you be making the most of what’s left of summer?