These days it’s not hard to find examples of brands and businesses that are using social media well. I mean, yes, there are still plenty of examples of brands that are doing a terrible job, and even more that are just puttering along. But for the most part there’s a good group of them out there that recognize the potential of the tools at their disposal, the power of their audience, and the value of doing something with it.

As far as I’m concerned, a brand doesn’t have to launch a big, flashy, innovative campaign to be impressive (although those are undoubtedly cool). In fact, sometimes it’s the simplest things that catch my attention online, and usually all a brand has to do is put the “social” back in social media.

I always mean to write about some of the cool experiences that I’ve had with brands and businesses while living on the internet but, obviously, it hasn’t happened yet. So, because it’s on my mind right now, let me tell you about a simple bit of online brand outreach that I thought was pretty memorable.

In my work with The Let’s Go Ladies I spent a lot of time reading and commenting on other travel blogs. After all, networking is a valuable part of social media success. whether you’re trying to grow your readership or just want to create meaningful connections with other content creators, taking the time to network is a good thing to do.

“Time”, of course, being a key word here. Building relationships takes time – something many brands still don’t necessarily want to commit to.

But last week I read a post on The Travel Hack about things to pack in your carry-on luggage. One of the items the author highlighted was this neat travel scarf called the Trtl Sleepscarf. The wrapped tube-style scarf has built-in supportive ribbing that holds your chin up while you doze off. I’m notorious for falling asleep on long trips and this is SO much better than a neck roll, crushing your face against a window, or the classic “nod n’ bob” (which I’m embarrassingly close to perfecting).

I was instantly sold. There was only one problem: The UK-based company didn’t ship internationally.

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I was crushed.

In love with the idea, I resolved to keep an eye on the site and wait for international shipping to open up. I was going to be ready.

I made that comment on Tuesday. On Friday morning I woke up to a tweet on the TLGL Twitter account from Trtl:



To which I responded enthusiastically.

And they RT'd and fave'd it, OBVI.
And they RT’d and fave’d it, NATURALLY.


Guys, I was super impressed. I’m still super impressed. In fact, the only reason I didn’t rush off to buy one right away was because the chances of it arriving before I leave for B.C. were slim to none.  But you’d better believe I’ll be ordering one when I get back because, seriously, both their product at their social media savvy have won me over.

Sure, this method takes a bit more time. It’s also not a new concept. But is it effective?

I hadn’t tweeted them or sent a message begging for international shipping. They saw my comment on a blog and went out of their way to find me and let me know that my wish had been granted. It’s a simple approach but it works. Now I not only know that I can get the product I want but the company made me feel important in the process.

Well played, Trtl. I look forward to napping all over the world with your sweet Sleepscarf. I’ll tweet you the pics 😉