Wow, have I really not updated since Halloween? Yikes.

November has just been one of those non-stop months and December is shaping up to be much of the same. Which is pretty much par for the course really, but still…

The month started with a truly honest attempt at tackling NaNoWriMo. I loved my novel idea and was making some really great headway meeting my daily writing goals. But I truly have to wonder why the creators of National Novel Writing Month chose November as *the* month to do this. Personally, the only worse time to try and crack out 50,000 words in 30-ish days would be December. Needless to say my novel got pushed so far to the back burner that in inevitably fell right off the stove. Still, I did have fun and I liked the idea. Maybe I’ll choose a month in the future that works better for me and just do my own NoWriMo…

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This is the cover for my novel. I was dedicated enough to design a cover but not enough to, y’know, finish writing the novel itself… Oof.

And what usurped my novel writing (and also apparently blog writing) aspirations, you ask? A bit of work (we’re rapidly coming into year-end which means I’ve had a lot on my plate trying to get everything squared away before the holidays), a bit of teaching (the semester is coming to a close, which means there’s been a big focus on grading and prep for my students’ client project), and a bit of life (a visit from a brother here, multiple trips to Toronto there… You know how it goes).

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Sorry, can’t write a novel right now. Too busy watching the Raps dominate. As one does.

I’m in a bit of shock over the fact that November is actually just days away from being over. December is going to be a whirlwind. The first week and a half will be nothing but grading and wrapping up my office to-do list before Kyle and I jump on a plane and head to Hawaii for a week (my first tropical I’m-just-here-to-relax vacation ever). We get back four days before Christmas. It’s going to be nuts.

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Countdowns on top of countdowns.

In this post I see a number of themes that pretty much sum up 2014: whirlwind, busy, nuts. This has been SUCH a big year that I can hardly imagine what 2015 is going to be like (bigger, better, busier?)  Regardless, it looks like the year is going to be ending with a bang!