Fun fact: I’ve been writing here at They Call it Gumption for over five years and in that time I’ve only given the blog a makeover three times. Seriously.

So with that said, what do you think of Gumption 3.0?

This new look has been a looooong time coming but at the same time it wasn’t really planned to happen now. In fact, if you follow my blog with any regularity then you’ve probably noticed that things have been pretty inactive for the last month. I think if you were to look through my archives you’d probably notice a trend of February statistically being a quiet month for me. I think it’s one part work (a new year brings new projects and a new semester and it all seems to reach a fever pitch right around now. There’s so much on the go) and another part the season (I’m not a huge fan of winter. It brings me down, y’know?)

2015 has been no different. I’m busier professionally now, in part because I’ve got a third project on my plate (hoping to write a post about it soon. I’m pretty proud of it!) And then there’s the cold and the snow (so much snow!) It’s honestly just been such a long time since I’ve had the desire to write for myself.

Things started to change when I began working on revamping the website for Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (the new look will be live by Monday, March 2nd, 2015). Not only did that process kind of get my creative juices flowing again but I also decided to use my own blog to test some new things out first, which of course got the ball rolling for my own redesign. The more I worked on it, the more I felt like I was thawing out and getting the feeling back in my blogging muscles. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed this!

I also had a couple of discussions with friends about writing. One – a very talented writer – came to me asking for advice about making a career out of his work. I was so flattered that he thought to ask me for my input. The other was a friend who had worked in the same building as me before changing jobs. She sent me a message and, among a lot of other nice things, she told me that she really enjoys my writing.

Every so often someone will say that to me. It’s usually a friend I know in real life, left as a comment when I share my posts on Facebook. Not that I’m trying to humblebrag or anything but those comments always take me by surprise; I love writing but I’ve never thought much about whether or not anyone else thinks what I’m putting out there is any good. But to hear that someone enjoys my posts? That my writing as inspired them? Wow, that feels good.

And so, here I am, giving They Call it Gumption its third ever facelift and feeling inspired to get back into my blogging rhythm again. The timing just feels right, the fresh new look has me feeling motivated, and I’m ready to write again. Hopefully you enjoy it too 🙂