A little while ago I noticed that my phone’s camera has a scuff on it and, as you can well imagine, it’s been affecting the quality of photos I’ve been able to take with it. Bummer. Given that I’m still rockin’ the 4S it’s probably high time for an upgrade anyway but I’m still trying to squeeze a few more decent photos out of it first.

First: Hastings the cat

It never fails that, every few months, someone asks me what’s up with my cat. She’s still around, and nearly two years later I think it’s safe to say that she’s pretty much settled. I like her. She can stay 😉

cat, tabby, kitten, rescue, kitty, adopted, Hastings, Sara Hamil, They Call it Gumption

Second: Our kitchen has been thugged

I’ve been a fan of the Thug Kitchen Facebook page for ages and both Kyle & I were pretty pumped when the official cookbook came out. We picked up a copy last week and finally made our first meal from it last night.

Thug Kitchen, cooking, vegan, vegetarian, salsa, food, noms, Sara Hamil, They Call it Gumption

Behold: Roasted beer & lime cauliflower tacos, complete with fire roasted salsa (which I made extra spicy…) and lime & cilantro slaw. All handmade, all delicious.

Thug Kitchen, cooking, vegan, vegetarian, tacos, food, noms, Sara Hamil, They Call it Gumption

Aside from the fact that the book itself is hilarious thanks to its colourful language, it’s also 100% vegan. We didn’t know that part when we bought it and, while we weren’t sure what to think at first we’ve quickly gotten behind the idea. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea to eat less meat, and while these recipes seem to be more labour intensive, pulling together our three-piece meal didn’t take any longer to prepare than any other fresh meal we might make.

How was your week?