Y’know, there’s a reason I’ve been so quiet on the blog lately (and, no, it’s not that I’m lazy.)

I didn’t mean to go A.W.O.L. but I’ve been a little distracted lately and I’ve alway had such a hard time writing about anything else when there’s only one thing really dominating my thoughts (and this is especially true when I kind of have to keep that one thing a secret for a little while.)

But the time for needing to keep things on the down-low has passed and, seeing as people are already finding out “through the grapevine” (and then refusing to share how they keep finding out! What??) now is as good a time as any to come clean:

I’m moving.

To Jasper (yes, that place in Alberta I love so much.)

In two weeks.


From the outside I imagine this probably seems like it’s is coming out of nowhere, so I can’t blame people for being a little, uh, taken aback. From the inside though, Kyle and I went from, “we’d like to move out to the West coast some time in the near future!” to, “it looks like we’ll probably need to look at moving to Jasper before the end of the year” to, “so I guess we’ve got a month to get our lives figured out, eh?” pretty quickly. Keeping this all hush-hush has been SO HARD but tricky arrangements needed to be made and certain people needed to be spoken to before I was even able to believe any of this way really happening myself.

But it is, and now with this blog post it really feels official.

These past few weeks have been pretty emotional for me. While I certainly haven’t spent my whole life in Belleville, this is the place where I built my career, found independence, and made some of the truest friends I’ve ever had, not to mention that so much of my family is from this area. So much living has happened here in the handful of years since I graduated and that’s making all of this feel so fantastic and, in some ways, terrifying for me.

But make no mistake: it’s also really, really crazy bonkers exciting. This is going to be an amazing new adventure and I feel very ready to embark on it. Every time it dawns on me that I’m finally moving back to the Rockies – after years of dreaming and hoping – it thrills me beyond words. The closer it gets, the less it feels like I’m just having an amazing dream.

Jasper, Alberta, Whistler's Mountain, Rocky Mountains, Canada, moving
One of the many shots I took during Candice and I’s fateful trip to Jasper in 2013. Crazy to think I’ll soon be calling this place home!

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Here I have my beautiful friends, inspiring colleagues, and a life I know so intimately. While I don’t really feel like I’m saying “goodbye” to any of it (I’m not looking for a clean break here. My friends are still my friends and I’ll even still be connected to my work, just in new ways), it’s still difficult to come to terms with the fact that I’m on the cusp of starting a new and very different chapter of my life.

In some ways it feels like this would all be a lot easier if there was some some devastating reason for us leaving but, thankfully, there isn’t. There’s no parting on bad terms here; not with friends, family, or my two wonderful jobs. Professionally speaking I’ve been (and continue to be) spoiled beyond compare, and while it’s hard to leave the places and mentors that have given me so much, I’m buoyed by the overwhelming support I’ve received since making my decision.

Let’s face it: stepping back from good things is hard.

But it’s simply time. I hear the future calling loud and clear and it’s time for me to answer.

Like I said, it’s all in the name of a grand adventure. In two weeks from today, Kyle and I (plus Jasper the dog and Hastings the cat, obvi) will be into day two of our cross-country trip (which I’m actually really looking forward to because WOO! ROAD TRIP!) We’ll be ushering in May with a new home and by the time that first Monday rolls around I’ll be beginning the next phase of my career as the manager of branding and communications at Tourism Jasper.

What a ride it’s gonna be!

There is SO much more I want to say about this huge, all-consuming thing happening in my life, but it’s going to have to wait for another post. There are jobs to complete, people to see, and a life to pack up first. But now that the news is finally out there, I feel like the flood gates are open again.

I’ll be back soon.