I am So DONE (With Student Loans)

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Sunday, January 18th, 2015. I was holding my breath as I clicked the “confirm payment” button glowing on my screen. It was done. I had just finished paying off my student loan, four months out from my 30th birthday and over four years earlier than I was supposed to be finished.

Don’t Call it a Resolution

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The first full week of 2015 is almost over and what do I have to show for myself?

As far as I’m concerned, a fair bit. I may not be crossing amazing feats and major changes off of a list left and right but I’m feeling pretty good about my direction so far.

The End Of The Year, As Told By Lists

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Generally at this time of year I write a customary rambling post about how much I love the dawning of a new year and outline my plans in great detail. This time, however, I’m just going to write a few more lists. I’ve been writing a lot of them lately and I seem to be pretty good at them.

What Day Is It?

In this post I see a number of themes that pretty much sum up 2014: whirlwind, busy, nuts. This has been SUCH a big year that I can hardly imagine what 2015 is going to be like (bigger, better, busier?) Regardless, it looks like the year is going to be ending with a bang!

Happy Met Ya Day

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As we stood gaping at the beautiful, rustic lobby of the lodge waiting to check in, I happen to cast my eyes to the door just as a young man walked in. The moment I saw him I knew that he was going to be special.

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