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Love it Personal


Chances are, this is news to NO ONE. That being said, I still think Pottermore, the latest and greatest offering by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling since finishing Book 7, it
s completely worthy of a The Weekly Something feature.

This is mostly because I’m a shameless HP fan, but this is also my blog and I DO WHAT I WANT.


The internet has been buzzing for weeks about a mysterious placeholder site that surfaced telling us to sit tight for an exciting Potter-related announcement. Jo laid claim to it but was also very clear that the June 23rd announcement would not be bringing news of a new Potter book.

What we got instead was this:

I love you, Joanne Kathleen Rowling. You so pretty.

There has since been a lot of discussion about whether or not this “unique online reading experience” is worth getting excited about and that it’s probably just clever business with the impending release of the final film (The timing is definitely deliberate. This is the best time to soft-launch something like this, no question).

Even if I separate myself from my crazed inner-Potter fan that is just plain stoked to learn more and relive the magic (I’m not even being punny right now!) in a cool new digital way, I think it’s so much more. Cammy from Indigo Events said it best:

What a great way to pass along an incredible story and experience that inspired a generation of readers and enchanted millions? I think of Pottermore as a treat for existing fans and a gateway to a whole new generation of young new ones. Personally, I cannot wait.

What do you think of Rowling’s latest offering? Have you already submitted your e-mail address, eagerly awaiting your owl, or do you think it’s overblown? I may be biased but that doesn’t mean I’m not down for some good discussion!