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Welcome Back

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, beautiful, wilderness, rocky mountains, Sara Hamil, quote, John Muir

I decided to give myself a month. A month to settle in; get familiar with our new home, my new job and the people around me. A month seemed like a good amount of time to get my bearings before sitting down to write anything about my new life here in Jasper.

This Post Is For You

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The move is literally just days away. My final grades have been submitted. I’ve completed a 34 page document outlining the basic daily roles and responsibilities of my job. We’ve started packing and, somehow, I’m getting to the end of my goodbyes.

And holy damn, do I ever hate goodbyes.

But as hard as they’ve been, getting to say goodbye has inadvertently lead to something amazing.

And Now, An Announcement

Sara Hamil, Jasper, Alberta, Lac Beauvert, Rock Mountains, Canada

I didn’t mean to go A.W.O.L. but I’ve been a little distracted lately and I’ve alway had such a hard time writing about anything else when there’s only one thing really dominating my thoughts (and this is especially true when I kind of have to keep that one thing a secret for a little while.)

But the time for needing to keep things on the down-low has passed and, seeing as people are already finding out “through the grapevine”, now is as good a time as any to come clean…